Hello! First I want to say thank you for stopping by!   Second, I am grateful and blown away by the sheer magnitude of people who have made the choice to work with us, that I have to take a minute and slow down.  As of this moment, I am going to be operating on a referral and waitlist basis only, so I can focus on my current clients.  If you know a current or past client and can have them refer you that is best, however, if you do not but still want to work with us and would like to be added to the waitlist please email us at waitlist@GoldenKeyPartnership.com.  Please include your information, what your biggest challenge right now is, and why you want to work with us so we can get you in the rotation to help you build your legacy! 

Remember we are not a fit for everyone:  We have five criteria that any client must meet. Our clients must be inspiring, or have an inspiring mission. They must make, or be ready to make, a big impact in the world. They must be fun. They must bring along a challenge; we're not looking for an easy ride and love helping you tackle your hurdles. Last but not least, they must understand the power of commitment.  If this is you, make a choice to work with us too through a referral or by being added to our waitlist so you can be one of the first when a spot opens up! 

Have a great day! 


p.s. Remember That People Need You. You have likely started a business or chosen your career path because you have an innate desire to carve out your own life and make money on your own terms. You may even have seen a gap in a marketplace and knew you were the right person to fill it. Do not forget that whatever your skill, it is needed. There are people looking for you and needing exactly what you create. If you don't tell them about it yourself - proudly - how will they know? That's where we come in! We look forward to working with you when you are ready.