We’re here to help you stop spinning your wheels and simply bust through bottlenecks so your profits, bottom line, and business can grow!

Strategy Made Simple

Too often I see entrepreneurs who have thriving businesses that are about to eat them alive or they have hit a revenue and time plateau that is leaving them scratching their heads, wondering what they can do to get it to the next level.

That is where Strategy Made Simple comes in! 

We dive into your business to establish your baseline and see where your sticking points are so we can help you over those hurdles, while also identifying what’s going great that you can double down on them.

Once we have the baseline, we break it down into Strategy, Systems, and Scaling.  

With each part of Strategy Made Simple we peel back the layers of your business and help you simplify so you can grow smarter and reach new heights of success sooner.

Sound like what your business may need right now?  Schedule a free consultation call and we can decide together.

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Kajabi Made Simple

Transitioning your knowledge from one to many can seem like you are climbing Mt. Everest.  

With the sales pages, funnels, automations, and million other technological moving pieces, this isn’t surprising.  What you need is a sherpa. Someone who was helped others have successful 5 and 6-figure launches and knows the roadmap you need to leverage Kajabi to its fullest potential to not only serve your audience, but your business’ bottom line.

That is why we created Kajabi Made Simple almost 3 years ago.

With KMS, we help you quickly and simply bypass all those potholes of unfamiliarity and uncertainty.  

We look at your business as a whole and help you create a simple, but effective strategy to achieve your business goals by leveraging the amazing Kajabi platform.

If your gut is telling you that this is what your business needs, then let’s hop on a free consultation call and talk more.

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Business Tune Up

The reason we created this tune up is because we saw time and time again businesses starting to plateau, or god-forbid regress, because they didn’t know the signs to look for to keep their business on an upward trajectory.

With our business tune up, we help you course correct to keep your business, healthy, growing, and simple.

This is also a great resource for businesses when you just have a gut feeling you could be bringing in more revenue and doing things better, but you’re just not sure what it is.

Once we determine where you business can be tuned up, we will create a roadmap to break down exactly where you need to focus NOW to see the biggest impact on your bottom line and then help you prioritize out any other things that need to be tweaked.

If this sounds like something your business would benefit from, set up a free consultation call so we can talk more and decide together.

Sometimes it is a fresh set of eyes that makes all the difference!

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The Advisory Board

Is your business humming along but you wish you had a strategic brain you could pick when something pops up? Well your wish is my command!

By popular request we created the Golden Key Advisory Board which gives you access to Lauren for 12 months to help you navigate the sometimes stormy seas of strategy.

We created this for business owners who want an advisor in their pocket with a dash of accountability to keep you on course. 

Someone who can give you personalized and timely input on your most pressing business issues.  I know that these issues come up and change as much as the weather, and I want to be able to support you through it all.

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Audits & Reviews

Launched a new product or service and it didn’t perform like you hoped?
Not sure your “funnel” is working for or against you?
Not sure you have the right butts in the right seats?

No worries! We got your back. With our reviews and audits, we take a deep dive into specific areas to help you uncover weak spots, inconsistencies, and most importantly, give you will have a clear roadmap of exactly where to focus (and improve) right now to make your funnel, next launch, or operations even more effective and successful!

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Let’s Get Your Business to the Next Level

You no longer have to sift through the noise, figure it all out by yourself or continue the frustrating game of trial and error, we’ve got your back!

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