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Together, we help you master operational and leadership strategy to move from status quo to sustainable scaling without the overwhelm and burnout.

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Why Us

We help businesses solve complex business problems by correctly diagnosing what is prohibiting growth, producing bottlenecks, and creating inefficiencies. Once we have the clarity necessary from the diagnosis, we strategically prioritize and plan together to simplify the successful path to business growth.

Through working with us, our clients can clearly see what strategy is necessary to have the biggest impact on profits, revenue, productivity, team, and overall sustainable business growth.

We are the doctor you have been searching for to help grow your business. 

Step 1: Diagnose

When you are scaling a business, the most important aspect becomes recognizing symptoms of trouble brewing. Much like when you feel off and need to go to a doctor, we help uncover what lies beneath that is ultimately prohibiting you from growing systematically, simply, and profitably.  The cornerstone of our diagnosis process is simplifying the overwhelming complexity of the situation to uncover what is critical and what is not.

Step 2: Prioritize

As my beloved father says, you can’t ride two horses with one a**.  The same is true in business.  More often than not I see business stall because they haven’t taken the time to prioritize what will move them forward and are simply treading water doing too many things.  One we uncover what’s going on, we help you prioritize exactly what needs to get done in what order with a guiding approach to overcome the challenges. 

Step 3: Plan

Now that we know what is going on and have prioritized accordingly, it is time to make a plan.  This is where we put together a set of coherent actions that are specifically designed to carry out the execution of the prioritization.  These are the steps that are coordinated with one another to work together to accomplish the approach needed to overcome or cope with the obstacles identified in the diagnoses.

How can we help you and your company?

When scaling a multi-six or sever figure business there is the harsh truth that more often than not, what got you here, won’t get you to the next level.  In order to scale smartly and profitably, it all boils down to having clarity around where your business is, what it will take to get to the next level, and a good strategy as your treatment plan and prescription to get you there.  If you are one of the two types of companies listed below, we would love to talk.

You’re ready to scale but aren’t sure how to start or where to focus because it all seems a bit Herculean. 

You are in a primed spot.  You can see it is time to grow but you are not sure which of the 3 P’s is going to get you there.   This is such a fun time for companies like yours that I work with.  We get to dig deep under the hood and figure out where the leaks are, where the bottlenecks are disguised, and what challenges or threats are looming.  Once we have your “check up” we can get to work prioritizing which one to execute first to create the magical momentum, and which follow, when and how.  What I love most about this stage is that you are only 2mm from a quantum leap and we get to have fun getting your business into the best optimum place for sustainable growth. 

You scaled too quickly and now you lie awake wondering when it might all come tumbling down.

You are not alone.  In fact, companies like yours are some of my favorite to work with!  You know you’ve got the midas touch, but the foundation is crumbling.  That is where our diagnose step becomes the booster shot you need.  We get really clear on where the weak points and bottlenecks are, then we prioritize, and then we get to work – it’s time to sure up those shaky walls, rebuild a solid foundation, and get that business off your back!  The best part about being in this situation is that there are a few key levers we can pull that will allow for a huge sigh of relief and growth, generally, without sacrificing the baby with the bathwater.

What some of our clients have to say

“Trusted Advisor”

Lauren has been a trusted advisor and resident expert for my personal business, and for many members of the Dovetail Community of Entrepreneurs. Over the past year she has helped our members scale efficiently and profitably and optimize their teams and operations during challenging times. Lauren has a unique ability to take a 30,000 foot view of a business, enable the founder to gain clarity and focus, and support them with the best next steps for growth and success.
Above all, Lauren’s a “business doctor” diagnosing and solving business challenges with the best “bedside manner” of warmth, honesty, and a genuine approach to getting things done.

-Alexis D. | CEO | Toronto

Service: Business Tune Up

“She nails the problem every time!”

She gives me tools so I am empowered to do this on my own – not just theory – she gets inside my business! 

She feels like an extension of my business, like a partner.

-Monica B. | CEO | San Francisco, CA

Service: Strategy Breakthrough Session

“Confident about who we need to hire and how!

Working with Lauren was a wonderful and worthwhile experience that I would recommend to any business leader looking to improve not only their business and teams, but also themselves.

-Brian M | Senior VP | OKC, Oklahoma

Service: Full Potential Teams

“Stopped leaving money on the table!”

Within the first or second meeting things were finally getting done and moving forward. 

My first launch with Lauren did 5-figures which was a welcomed surprise!

-Dr. Mike P. | CEO| Toronto, Canada

Service: Kajabi Made Simple

Ready to discuss how to grow your business more simply, sustainably, and profitably? 

Let’s talk and see how we can help. 

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