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Tell me if you've felt this before...

You thought running your business was easy enough. You had a great idea that solves real problems for your customer, after all! 

And you see your friends, peers, rivals, and connections run prosperous businesses all the time. 

You thought, “I can definitely do this!”

And so you did. You built your product! You started selling! And you saw success! GO YOU!

But now you’re drowning…

You see the opportunity for the “next level” of growth, but you can’t just seem to make it “take off” the way you hoped it would. 

The dilemma? You know your product is capable of fixing all of the challenges of your customer, but you didn’t realize running a company meant devoting every waking minute to completing mundane tasks and babysitting employees.

And you’re tired.

You’ve possibly tried to fix it by either:

  • Hiring people to help, only to discover it’s more work to manage employees than it is to do the work yourself.
  • Just “hustling more” like “the gurus” say, only to feel burnt out and exhausted, with nothing to show for it
  • Buying new tools and software that “promise” to fix your specific challenge of the day, only to have it complicate things more

You’re starting to feel like the exception to the rule.

And here’s why…

The biggest lie in business today is that you can be more profitable, see more growth, and have success if you just work harder.

In fact, you can obtain this growth AND free up your time to focus on what matters to you – whether it be expansion of your business, your incredible past time, or your friends and family.

You do this by doing just THREE simple things: 


Identify how YOU like to work, and then build your business, team, and working style around YOUR strengths, not someone else’s.


Hire the right team that are experts in their field AND complement or augment your working style and never have to babysit employees again.


Find only the things that matter, get rid of the extra clutter, and watch your profits soar!

In short,
You need to stop being a business operator and
start being a business owner

Meet Lauren Goldstein


I’m Lauren, a scholar of Cognitive Neurscience and master of business strategy. I help CEO’s go from business operators to true business owners, creating a highly profitable business that is built around the owner’s ideal style of working, NOT just around “more hustle.”

And I’m REALLY, really good at it. 

I started Golden Key Partnership to leverage my superpower, solving problems, to help motivated business owners find profitability, build icredible businesses, and scale (profitably) well into the 7-figures. 

Since our inception, this “Most Outstanding Boutique Business Consulting Firm – 2020, Texas” has helped clients like:

  • Client A, who found $45K in additional revenue just two weeks after an intensive because we found a “leak” in their customer journey
  • Client B: who saved over $150k in employee costs because we helped her get clear on who and what they needed, eliminating overlapping roles. 

Ready to get results like these for yourself? 

As seen in...

Work with us and we'll help you:

Don't take our word for it...


Lauren has been a trusted advisor and resident expert for my personal business, and for many members of the Dovetail Community of Entrepreneurs. Over the past year she has helped our members scale efficiently and profitably and optimize their teams and operations during challenging times. Lauren has a unique ability to take a 30,000 foot view of a business, enable the founder to gain clarity and focus, and support them with the best next steps for growth and success.
Above all, Lauren’s a “business doctor” diagnosing and solving business challenges with the best “bedside manner” of warmth, honesty, and a genuine approach to getting things done.

-Alexis D. | CEO | Toronto

Service: Business Tune Up


She gives me tools so I am empowered to do this on my own – not just theory – she gets inside my business! 

She feels like an extension of my business, like a partner.

-Monica B. | CEO | San Francisco, CA

Service: Strategy Breakthrough Session


Working with Lauren was a wonderful and worthwhile experience that I would recommend to any business leader looking to improve not only their business and teams, but also themselves.

-Brian M | Senior VP | OKC, Oklahoma

Service: Full Potential Teams


Within the first or second meeting things were finally getting done and moving forward. 

My first launch with Lauren did 5-figures which was a welcomed surprise!

-Dr. Mike P. | CEO| Toronto, Canada

Service: Kajabi Made Simple

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