The 7Cs of a High Performing Team

Are you a business owner who is on the verge of team and business burnout?

How to stop feeling like your only job is handling your employee's problems...

Design, Hire, and retain a team

(who you won’t need to babysit)

in only 90 minutes

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After helping dozens of companies design, hire, and retain teams that have increased their profitability, unlocked new revenue streams, and saved countless headaches for owners.

I’ve perfected the method to find, attract, hire, and retain talent that just plain works!

100% quantifiable ROI! Working with Lauren gave me the clarity on who to strategically hire and because of this clarity, we’ve pretty much doubled or tripled monthly revenue month-over-month!

-Chris Schembra, CEO 7:47 and USA Today’s “Gratitude Guru” 

As I am sure you know…

The industry is FILLED with depressing stories about how hard it is to find, retain, and motivate teams, and that doesn’t include all of the emotional tax that business owners spend on managing their teams every day. 

Amazing businesses and their owners (like you!) could have such a bigger impact on their customers and better quality of life if you could uncover the key to building a high performing team – a team that not only does amazing work but who also have passion for growing your business too!

The problem is

when you’re dealing with humans with different motivations, desires, and skill sets

it’s hard to get everyone moving in the same direction without babysitting their every move.

And because every business, owner, and employee is different it’s hard to know what will work for YOUR specific  business 

(you know, you’ve basically tried everything).

Sound familiar? 

It should if you: 

If you’re thinking…

 “Aw, shucks, Lauren, how did you know this is happening to me?!”

It’s because I’ve seen it before.

I’ve lived this before (when I was an employee).

And I know how much it sucks.

But here’s the GREAT news!

There is a simple solution! I have created the 7Cs framework to solve all of those frustrations that I am going to share with you in our time together! 

 I’ve helped dozens of CEOs and Business Owners just like you build high performing teams.

I know what WILL work, and more importantly what WON’T work, based on your unique CEO Profile.

And now that you’ve met me, I’m here to tell you this is NOT a secret and you too are capable of creating a team that operates autonomously in pursuit of your business goals, so you can unlock serious profits or – gasp! – take a vacation without your business coming to a screeching halt. Can I get an AMEN?!

All you have to do is follow these simple rules:

Rule #1

Discover the gaps in your team, not just from a people, butt in seats perspective, but in terms of expectations and accountability and then fill them.

Rule #2

Identify the one thing your team needs to get to the next level (hint: it's different for every CEO, depending on your personality!) and then execute.

Rule #3

Become an expert in simple, and effective company rhythms that will enable you to run a proactive business instead of a reactive business.

Rule #4

Find the clarity in the chaos. Clarify your teams roles, your future vision, OKRs, and what success is. Once you have this north star, the rest locks into place.

⚠️ NOTE: this is NOT about org charts and job descriptions ⚠️

We have a separate Masterclass on that

No, we are going to be covering something much more important!  How you create a high performing team that is a Goldielocks fit for YOU, your goals, and your business specifically!  No cookie cutters here.  Just a simple, effective, and powerful framework that will be your north star as you sail the 7Cs of Business Ownership!


Meet your 7Cs Captain for the afternoon

Lauren Goldstein is referred to by her clients as “The Business Doctor.” She is founder and CEO of the award-winning and globally recognized boutique business strategy consulting firm, Golden Key Partnership. 

As a trusted advisor to CEOs of some of the fastest growing businesses for over 10 years, Lauren has helped owners go from business operators to business owners. In doing this, these owners find they have more time and freedom, are able to create more profitability, enjoy their businesses again, and have a bigger impact with their customers. 

Are you ready to finally get your team on board with your goals and vision, so that you can focus on what’s important to you?

(or even take a vacation)

Join me for

We will design your ideal team and company rhythms to get you where you want to go in only 90 minutes

Perfect for busy owners who feel like their team (or they!) are on the constant verge of burnout

Work through a simple and scalable framework – with me by your side – that removes confusion about how a person fits into your business.

Design a team that’s as passionate about your business as you are – and that you don’t have to babysit anymore!

Get clarity on who your next hire is, where you find them, how to attract and retain them. 

Get OFF the hire/fire cycle so you can have a high performing team, capable of growing your business to the next level.

Build a long term profitable team that believes in your mission, faithfully executes their tasks, and – most importantly – drives your business forward so you can love your work again 

and get back to why you started your business. 

Let’s explore all we can accomplish together in just one afternoon

Unlock The Power of The 7 Cs

The Seven Cs

Discover the 7 Cs that are required to create a high performing team!

Design A Team For YOU

A Team For You

Dive into your personal Wealth Dynamics profile and learn your ideal way of working, who complements you and, more importantly, who doesn't.

Uncover Your Team, Today & Tomorrow

Your Team, Today & Tomorrow

Review the Wealth Dynamics profile of your team and learn WHY things are not working today and how you may need to shift or change to make it work - for you!

How To Attract High Performers

How To Attract High Performers

Once you know who your ideal team is, I'll show you how to attract, motivate, and retain them .

Jump In The Hiring Hot Seat

Hiring Hot Seat

Get in the "hot seat" where we review your team, your style, and identify THE ONE thing for you to focus on. You get your thing, everyone else gets to learn.

Discover Scorecard Success

Scorecard Success

Find how to delegate to and motivate a new hire so they can get off the ground running

We also know that even with all of these great tips, tricks, tools, and insight you may still run into a few knowledge gaps that can threaten the performance of your team…

So we added a few extras that address the things that may arise…

Hiring Made SImple


Hiring Made Simple

This on-demand class teaches you all the ins and outs of hiring. How to identify your next hire, write the job description, where to post it, what to require, and how to weed out the "duds" so you can have a high performing team.

Introduction To Wealth Dynamics


Introduction To Wealth Dynamics

Did you know that each entrepreneur has a unique winning formula that if left unsolved will be the difference between struggling and sustainable success? Wealth Dynamics is the key to finding that formula.

Ultimate Job Description


Ultimate Job Description

Get access to the Ultimate Job Description template that will attract the best hires to your business.

Join us for

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inside the workshop, you’ll get:

Plus, all of these amazing bonuses

AND, you’ll get On-Demand replay of the workshop! 

Total Value = Over $2800

Regular Price: $1,000

Today’s Price: Only $297



Don’t just take my word for it, though… check out what some of our clients have to say:

Ready yet?

Reminder, you’ll get

Plus, all of these amazing bonuses

AND, you’ll get On-Demand replay of the workshop! 

Total Value = Over $2800

Regular Price: $1,000

Today’s Price: Just $297




Great question!

Nope. This “live” workshop is via Zoom so you can attend no matter where in the world you are!

We are considering offering it in Austin,TX in the near future so if that is something you are interested in let us know!

This workshop is for CEOs or small business owners who are on the verge of burnout with their team and their business.  They are ready to get off the frustrating hire/fire cycle and learn how to create a high performing team they can trust and depend on.

Everything will be recorded and available about a day after the workshop.  We do recommend you block out the 90 minutes as we do hot seats that you do not want to miss if you are struggling with a team problem since Lauren will work her magic and help you break through it and get unstuck!

This might be my favorite question! The answer is no.  This workshop will benefit any business owner who wants to have a high performing team.  The workshop is geared towards 7 Figure businesses that have teams of at least 5 but if you are just starting to grow your team I honestly couldn’t think of a better investment for you so when you do hire, you do it right and you don’t waste time and money.


Please note that by purchasing this workshop, there is NO guarantee that you will make your investment back. In fact, most people won’t on their first try… some maybe never.

The reasons? A combination of bad habits they are unwilling to let go of, the inability to execute, a refusal to stay the course, an unwillingness to spend enough time optimizing how they work. 

Results are not typical. There’s a reason that a small percentage of people own successful businesses and hit profitability goals. It’s because it’s hard, and it takes work and focus to become a leader.

This is not a shiny object, a magic bullet, a secret sauce, an infallible formula, or anything that remotely resembles magic or getting rich quick. I’ll give you all my expertise, my resources, energy, and my experience, but it’s 100% up to you – with my support – to do the work and hire the right team (maybe not the one that feels good) to grow your business.

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