The Best Platform to Sell Your Online Course or Membership

Feeling like it is time to get your idea into a digital format or start a membership to make a bigger impact but feeling overwhelmed with all the options between thinkific, teachable, Kajabi, etc?  We get it! We have been there and have successfully helped many of our clients sift through the noise by testing out all of those platforms over the past 4 years to figure out who the clear winner is. -and we have!  

For us and our clients, we found Kajabi to be the clear winner based on testing usability, functionality, innovation, integrations and capability.

Here is why we recommend Kajabi to our clients as the best platform to leverage when launching the digital education arm of your business.

What our clients love most about Kajabi is that it really takes all the things that were duct taped together, like your email provider, automations, crm, cart, membership, etc, and seamlessly integrates them into a really robust all-in-one platform.

As an all-in-one solution, it has the ability to do the following in a really seamless way:

No coding or maintenance needed

This is one of the biggest sighs of relief that I hear from my clients.  They are ecstatic that they don’t have to do any special code or website maintenance.  Kajabi takes care of maintenance and gives dozens of customizable themes to use as templates.  Drag and drop and you are good to go.  Not to mention seamless integration with Google Analytics and your Facebook pixel even! 

Automations (if/then) 

Setting your business up for success without manual tasking. With custom automation triggers and full platform integration, you’ll be able to create the best personal experiences for your audience without extra effort for you and your team freeing up your time and energy to focus on your people.

Landing Pages

This one is a big one! It used to be that you would have to pay for a separate landing page platform like click funnels, but not any more!  Now it is as simple as 1…2…3 to get your new landing page up and ready to go.  Simply pick a theme…customize with near limitless design flexibility…now publish and you’ll be good to go!  Beautiful pages that fully integrated with the rest of your business.

Emails (automations and campaigns all in one place)

With Kajabi’s new email designer it is even more simple to grow, manage, and reach your subscribers with customizable email campaigns and automations. The new visual builder lets you quickly create and send gorgeous messages that integrate video, countdown timers, automations, and more… and the best part is it’s all in one place! Buh bye mailchimp, confusionsoft, etc.

Membership subscriptions, online courses, digital products oh my!

Choose your own adventure to serve your customers/clients online. Customize pricing, delivery, and packaging. Then use our one-click templates (or build your own) and upload your content.

Get a Clear Picture of Your Digital Business With Insightful Analytics 

Make informed decisions with thoughtful, real-time insights into your business. View reports, user forecasting, customer progress tracking, and see how customers are engaging with your business. Then make your next move feeling confident in your data.

Pricing Your Product and Payments

Kajabi has a simple, seamless integration with Stripe and PayPal which allows you to have more control on how you get paid and makes the process faster. From recurring to one-time to trial payment plans to one-click upsells, Kajabi can help you set up the perfect pricing solution for your product.


We have been seeing over the past months to years the push to move off Facebook.  Kajabi makes this transition easy with their communities.  You can gather your people in a way that makes sense for them and you without all the distractive noise that is facebook.  Connection made easy! 

Your clients and customers can access their digital products and community, anywhere with the Kajabi app

Now you go anywhere they go! The Kajabi mobile app helps create deeper engagement, more connections, and more learning “on the go” so you can fit in their life seamlessly.  The best part is it is included with every Kajabi Plan.

Disclaimer: Our posts may contain partner [affiliate] links which means we may receive commissions when you click our links and decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. This is of no cost to you and this does not impact our reviews or comparisons. We do our best to keep things fair and balanced and only recommend products we use ourselves.

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